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You can touch and feel real gUKIYO-Eh on leather traditional Japanese materials
PAIR SLOPE proudly presents selected products of craftmanship Making of bags presented by PAIR SLOPE craftsmen
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Pairslope stores in Japan can sell and make-to-order at the price including Japanese consumption tax.
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The flagship KYOTO Fushimi Ateliers
The center of PAIR SLOPEfs spirits from all ateliers inside a small but warming shop. Traditional wooden gMachiyah built in 1890fs at Fushimi, south of Kyoto. Leather craft atelier at flagship shop & Asamaateliers at Nagano.

Japan is one of the best places in the world where you can enjoy numerous spring qualities of Onsen with different colors and landscapes.
PAIR SLOPE CEO, Mitsuhashi has been all Onsens in this page and commented his own words.
Information around Kyoto-Fusimi. An old street with gSaka-gurah (sake breweries) in Fushimi is worth visiting.
Travel diaries of Kyoto and Nara, twin ancient cities with traditional Japanese cultures. You can feel every aspect of seasons, like cherry blossoms and new green leaves in spring and red leaves in autumn with temples and shrines

text : Hiroyuki Mitsuhashi
Translated by miigo
Translated by itcchy (ONSEN)